Over the past twenty-five years SSTA has pioneered the registration management process by reporting, managing and tracking vehicle registration and title information. From the time of inception to culmination of a vehicle, SSTA provides the necessary management services involved in registering and titling vehicles.

As part of our registration management service, SSTA will provide the resulting data file back to you for statistical reporting, ultimately improving your fleet management operation.

Using SSTA for your registration management provides the following benefits to your fleet business:

  • Reduces the amount of manual paperwork required for inquiring on registration and title processing.
  • Eliminates the need to manage license plate inventory.
  • Automatic inquiries reduce errors and save time.
  • Provides one point of contact, eliminating the inconvenience of dealing with multiple government agencies.
  • Title and registration fees can be escrowed for quick turn-around.
  • Reduces costly storage fees for paperwork and tags.
  • Improve internal communication from state to state.
  • Eliminate redundancy.

Every customers has a unique way of handling their fleet operations. For a discussion on how we can provide you with a custom solution please contact us or call toll free 866-739-8841.

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